Group Exhibition


Exhibition Dates: 01.06.22 – 28.08.22



Platinum has long been held as a time honoured symbol of purity and durability, and holds significance this year more than ever. In June, the UK will commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year of reign.


With a calendar full of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, StolenSpace Gallery invites artists and viewers alike to contemplate the wider associations of ‘platinum’, and it’s cultural and visual implications from varying perspectives.



From the most delicately refined Jewellery to the most hardy industrial machinery, this silver-white metal is as desirable as it is utilitarian. Most notably in the arts, platinum has been used for almost two centuries in the practice of photography, and remains today amongst the most durable of all photographic processes.


How that might translate into the wider world of art is up to StolenSpace’s own host of over 20 talented artists, displaying their interpretations of platinum together.