Light and Shadow

Yoon Hyup

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Opening Reception : 10.03.22, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition Dates: 11.03.22 – 29.05.22



We are pleased to welcome back artist, Yoon Hyup, for his second solo exhibition with us, titled: ‘Light and Shadow’. 


Yoon Hyup is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982. He is known for his vibrant use of lines and dots to create minimalistic and abstract city scape paintings.


From a very early age, influences of skate culture and Hip-Hop helped to shape his unique view of the world. Yoon Hyup’s distinctive style is expressed through the improvisation, rhythm and flow that he feels when skateboarding and listening to music as he traverses the city. Geometric shapes in bright, bold hues dance vibrantly off on his canvas.

For the artist, his images are also tied to personal feelings of hope and perseverance and as such his artworks become bridges that connect his experiences, from the action to the canvas, through light and shadow and positive rhythmic adventures.


An important factor in shaping the artist’s unique abstract line and dot work, derives from his experience in using different creative tools from indoor to street, such as paint brushes,  computer graphic programs, spray cans, paint markers and so on. Improvisational expression is an essential element for Yoon Hyup. Now returning to London to present his new body of work, Light and Shadow, Yoon Hyup takes us on a journey through his daily life in the city, capturing every day moments through lively flows of light and colour that whisk us along for the ride.


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•Free entry, no booking necessary