UK based artist Gary Stranger quickly became one of the big names in the UK street art and graffiti scene. He started out writing graffiti in 1996, and is now a world-renowned artist, famed for his well-executed typographic pieces.


His preciseness and skill stands him aside. Focusing chiefly on typography, his type is always stunningly executed, resulting in imagery that’s almost impossible to believe it’s created free-hand. His use of bold colours and sharp edges makes his work, both in on walls and in the gallery space, sets him aside as one of the most exciting graffiti artists out there and we are excited to see what he has coming up next.

Gary is the co-founder (together with Pref) of Typographic Circle, a collective of artists. Each artist in this movement explores the boundaries of typographic design. The group takes the individual style and originality from the graffiti world and mixes it with the constraints of type-making.


‘For me, when words are written down they are more powerful than an image. There is less ambiguity and I feel that a lot is lost through symbolism, so a word or phrase is more direct, more efficient. The point of what I / we do is to manipulate the type in such a way that it has aesthetic merit anyway, aside from the message itself.’ – Gary Stranger, 2016


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