and new works by Kai and Sunny


OPENING NIGHT: 05.10.17, 4 – 9:30pm

FAIR DATES: 06.10.1 7 – 08.10.1 7

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Gary Stranger has quickly become one of the big names in the UK street art and graffiti scene. His precision and workmanship stands him aside. Focusing chiefly on typography, his type is always stunningly executed, resulting in imagery that’s almost impossible to believe it’s created free-hand. His use of bold colours and sharp edges, both on walls and in the gallery space, set him aside as one of the most exciting graffiti artists out there and we are excited to be featuring his new work at Moniker Art Fair.

In this new body of work, Gary focuses on the ambiguous nature of words. All together the pieces have one distinctive theme, but separately they have multiple meanings. ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Euphoria’ all have an underlying suggestive tone, something which speaks of the continuing taboo of sex in our society. We are all aware its there, and yet it is often only alluded to, never fully discussed.

The pieces will be a variety of hand painted lettering and beautifully designed one off print work. His style reminds the viewer of the joy of lettering and the beauty of simplicity. We see type and lettering everyday, and yet Gary’s work makes us view it in a new way, appreciating the curves of an ’S’ or long stem of an ‘F’. Creating his own styles, Gary’s work is distinctly his and instantly recognisable.

We will also be releasing a new print by Gary at the fair along the same theme, details to be revealed.

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We will also be featuring new works by artist duo Kai and Sunny.

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