Scottish artist, Charlie Anderson, is known for his epic scale paintings composed of layered fragments from advertisements, postcards, posters, newspapers, street flyers and magazines. The intensive process of layering stencils and paint results in a vibrantly textured, and visually stimulating portrait of contemporary culture, with a post-punk effect.

Inspired by cityscapes, music, kitsch, pop culture and the creative process itself, Anderson’s work re-contextualises familiar, often discarded images, in order to glorify the transient aspects of our daily experience.

Anderson’s work samples elements of history and society to document urban life, refocusing on the subtle details that our contemporary attention span sometimes fails to appreciate. His provocative and engaging subjects inspire an exciting visual experience, inviting and implicating viewers into his playful and compelling commentary.

A recipient of the British Airways Travel Prize in 2009 and the Royal Scottish Academy’s Meyer Oppenheim Prize in 2010, Anderson has achieved notable success which has led to collaborations with some of his greatest influences such as Ricky Hatton and Ringo Starr.