Charlie Anderson, Teresa Duck, Telmo Miel,

Joram Roukes, Asha Zero and Stuart Semple

December 2nd – December 23rd 2016

Opening Reception Thursday 1st December, 6-9pm



Joram Roukes

Dutch artist Joram Roukes’ work reflects on everyday life situations, observed, filtered and reassembled in a collage like way. The resulting works pose a fragmented yet cohesive view on today’s society and human behaviour. Joram mixes traditional techniques, urban influences, pop culture imagery and fantasy, creating a world of the obscure yet familiar. He achieves a unique and inspired visual style with which he can communicate his many observations of the Western World.

Asha Zero

Asha Zero is a South African artist who meticulously paints fragments from popular, commercial, and street culture, which he fashions into what appears very convincingly to be collages. His work is a response to a society where, increasingly, the identity of the individual is defined, altered and negated through the growing omnipresence of a digitised culture. In this era where the personal has become impersonal, Asha Zero’s work plays with ideas of identity and confusion, altering the very medium itself to appear as something else entirely.

Stuart Semple

British artist Stuart Semple’s works comment on the emotional and spiritual impact of mass culture on the individual. This is re-imagined with a playful, exuberant and sociological language which make his style so unique. His hybrid compositions often comprise of disparate appropriated and found elements which he weaves into alluring surfaces that encapsulate a deep critical analysis of contemporary culture. His world is one of low-culture internet trash, 90s nickelodeon colour palettes, indie music, obscure music videos and cultural theory straight out of the 60s Frankfurt school.