Aches Dub

Hailing from Ireland, graffiti writer Aches has been painting in the scene for ten years. He takes influence from his surroundings, including old hand painted signs around Dublin, as well as drawing influence from his design background and digital art. Aches will consistently search for inspiration outside of graffiti, to help create fresh ideas and unique compositions, and then mix all of these influences with the foundation of graffiti.


Aches creates his pieces both digitally and by hand, opting to keep a consistent, regular colour range. Although his pieces are bright and striking to look at, he stays clear of fluorescent paint, preferring to highlight with lighter colours and shade with darker tones. He uses colour in a clever way to layer and build upon each-other, to create his spectacular gradients and patterns.

Aches is most well known for his ‘glitch’ style of murals that can be found throughout Ireland and all around the globe. The extremely precise and technical skill needed to create his pieces is credited to his visual communications study background. Aches also finds the process of creating his works as a personal meditation, which evokes a sense of stillness both for himself and for the viewer.


Aches has previously collaborated with Irish artist Maser, and a series of international artists including Insane51 and Fork4. His work has be shown around the globe in countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, England and USA.