X-O The Lost Object

X-O The Lost Object is an artist from Amsterdam who works with discarded and abandoned materials to create a kind of collaborative ‘art’ work with time and nature. The products of this process is called ’lost objects’ which often take the form of assemblage art.

Junk, trash, ruins, rubble, that sort of thing, it’s all visually and imaginatively magnetic to X-O The Lost Object. Living in the city of bikes; rusty old metal desks, old wooden headboards and old mattress are just a few items that inspire the artist to create his work. “Piles of junk are pretty to me.  Pile porn.”

His pieces are searching for balance and harmony only use what is near to create my work.  “It doesn’t matter where I am.  It doesn’t matter what materials are available.  The materials inform the outcome.  I find what feels to be a visual balance, an aesthetic appropriateness, for whatever materials I use.  It’s a form of game to me for sure, like building blocks or legos, even like chess.   It is also a form of meditation for me.”

The artist pieces are all collaboration with time and nature. “I’m talking about how weather and age create many of the colors and textures in the work.   The elegant forces that govern our natural world are constantly altering and effecting everything, I enjoy thinking of this as a collaboration.”

X-O The Lost Object creates aesthetically pleasing pieces that deal with shape, form, colour, and composition.  Almost all of what the artist creates at the moment is abstract and geometric. However, X-O The Lost Object also creates several smaller series that delve into text and illustration.


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