Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Word To Mother

Oct. 10th – Nov. 9th 2014



‘Too Blessed To Be Stressed’ entitles the newest body of work by StolenSpace represented artist – Word To Mother.

Word To Mother’s unmistakable figures sit amongst a landscape of earth tones, pastel shades and flashes of turquoise and fluorescent reds. Repetitive gold leaf triangles are placed amongst subtle, reflective washes, drips and textures to create a metaphoric contrast of the ‘appreciation of the understated’, versus glorified materialism.
“I wanted to express a positivity and appreciation for everything we have, rather than comparing ourselves and our lives to anyone else’s. The glorification of instant celebrity status, vacuous reality television and narcissistic Instagram accounts are contributing to an ever growing Comparison-Culture in which people are more concerned with what they don’t have than what they have already been blessed with.”London-based artist Word To Mother creates work that combines many influences into uniquely layered paintings. His works on wood panels are refreshingly subtle interpretations of society today.
WTM’s use of bespoke sign writing and positive word play evoke a sense of positivity, contemplative figures, cartoon references and loose studies of London architecture create a nostalgic warmth to the works.
Each piece feels like it has existed for years already, with layers of detail that will keep revealing themselves to the viewer. The maturity of the pieces is evident in WTM’s application of colour and the juxtaposition of loose gestural charcoal lines with refined graffiti and popular icon references.
For this show, there is also a selection of more minimal figurative pieces, both on wood and antique paper. A rare opportunity to acquire works on paper as WTM has released very few since his debut solo show in 2007.
After having exhibited in San Francisco the last few years and with a huge following in the U.S. we are eagerly anticipating his first solo show in London since 2011, this one is not to be missed…