Rise and Fall

Kai & Sunny

Exhibition dates: 04.12.20 – 23.12.20

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StolenSpace Gallery is proud to present ‘Rise and Fall’, a solo mini-show by the Brighton based duo, Kai and Sunny. The British artists return for their sixth solo exhibition at the gallery, promising more of their gorgeous and hypnotic line work.


Kai and Sunny’s latest solo mini show builds upon the duo’s mesmerising and intricate line work. Viewing each individual work acts as a practice of mindfulness, with the pieces varying between stillness and velocity. The act of practicing mindfulness is more important now than ever; these works are not only products of the act, but also encourage the viewer to participate as they follow the flow of lines in a rise and fall pattern which mimics the breath.

‘Rise and Fall’ is not only a study of the relationship between colour and movement, but a testament to Kai and Sunny’s artistic range which plays out gracefully on new paper works.


Each piece masterfully contrasts colours between a cool and warm palette, to create a complimentary and calming juxtaposition. This exhibition promises to offer a moment of solace, beauty, and hypnotic reflection.



To register interest for this show please email or telephone +44 (0)207 247 2684.