Postcards of 2020

Artist Group Show

Exhibition dates: 04.12.20 – 22.12.20



StolenSpace Gallery is delighted to present, ‘Postcards of 2020’, a diverse showcase featuring original works from over 20 leading contemporary artists, including D*Face, Ben Frost, Evoca1, Ricardo Cavolo, and many more!


StolenSpace has a tradition of ‘postcard’ shows, and this year will be no exception! As we bid adieu to 2020, in a somewhat jaded manner, it comes time to reflect upon the ways in which our lives have been altered by the events that took place this past year. As a testament to the ‘unprecedented times’ that have shaken the foundations of our society – we propose our Winter group show in which each of our artists submit a piece of work that they see as an ‘Ode to 2020’, and what the events of the past year have meant to them.

Each artist interprets the past year in their own unique way, as a signature of their vastly unique experiences we have all had, united together by the impact of the pandemic.

The variation of work ranges from detachment and separation, to finding the strength of humanity and light amongst darker times. Ranging from major political and social moments, 2020 has provided plenty of inspiration for each artist.


We hope that this show will weave together a collective understanding in the ways each aspect of both our personal and professional lives has shifted in response to not only the pandemic, but the multiple political events that have occurred in the past year as well. ‘Postcards of 2020’ serves as a way to process the multiple forms of grief we have collectively experienced in the past year, yet also as a way of looking towards a future which although remains uncertain, can be seen as a beacon of hope.



To register interest for this show please email or telephone +44 (0)207 247 2684.