Plastic Surgery

Arth Daniels

Nov. 16th – Dec. 2nd 2012



StolenSpace is proud to present a solo exhibition by the artist Arth Daniels. Featuring paintings on canvas and 3d sculptures.
Arth Daniels isn’t quite what you’d expect from a self taught portrait artist, especially one whose work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery. His work is anything but traditional; Inspired by Cinema, Make-up artistry and Visual Effects, Arth’s paintings utilise his studies in photorealism to portray the grandeur of facial expression, identity and form whilst incorporating humour along the way.
Arth Daniels was born and raised in Highbury, North London. Drawing influence from an eclectic mix of fine, traditional and street art, Arth Daniels’ work is a culmination of many disciplines. With an Illustration background and furthering independent studies into fine art, Arth takes it upon himself to develop his own mix of fractured photorealism.
Using the traditional medium of oil paint, Daniels displays a departure from its humdrum associations by offering a self taught and fresh approach; combining hints of flair with painstaking detail. As his work progresses its primary focus is to develop portraiture without explicit use of the human face alone; but to explore its many facets of expression. Creating a Jigsaw of facial references his aim is to propose a figurative depiction of the face and its capabilities without being literal. Using Mixed Media Assemblage Arth creates multi layered images for his audience to piece together themselves.