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Jana & JS

Jana & JS are an Austrian / French artist couple who’s dynamic work can be found both in the urban and gallery space. Their work is created from their joint passion for photography and the urban aesthetic. Inspired by the city, playing with portraiture and texture, the duo have a truly unique style using the stencil technique to create their images and working exclusively with their own photos.

It is their photographic practice that leads them to choose the stencil technique, ideal for making works of extreme minutiae from their own photographs, on wood and recycled materials. It is this use of recycled materials as their backdrops which has become their signature style. Combining their modern portraits with often organic or found backdrops creating a beautiful juxtaposition of textures.

Since we first met and since we started to live and work together, sharing our deepest feelings has always been an essential aspect in building our artistic identity, and those emotions are always a great inspiration. It is the reason why we explore the representation of different relationships, and particularly the image of the couple at first. The evolution of our life together and the births of our son and our daughter made us more and more express interest in different kind of relationships”


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