Jamie Evans

“The ideology behind my work comes from my roots in graffiti; I consider myself a participant in shaping the world around me, not a spectator; The methods I employ to make a painting are very traditional – carefully sizing and priming canvases the correct way, making my own oil paint from pigment, taking care to source the best possible quality materials available. I’ll then mix that together with spray paint in ways that create something uniquely new with great vibrancy. Graffiti teaches you that things don’t last forever, but in my art I’m looking for longevity – so it’s a matter of bringing together forces that don’t necessarily sit side by side. Some see graffiti and fine art as things that can’t be merged, but my practice represents the culmination of my efforts to join the two realms of art that I have an equal love for and which define me as an artist.”

Jamie Evans’ work blends a graffiti-inspired aesthetic with fine art technique. Jamie, 24, from Ashington, Northumberland, initially developed his skills on the streets of the North East, before turning his attention to the canvas as appreciation of the wider art world grew.

Since graduating from a BA in fine art at Newcastle University in 2015, Jamie has exhibited in group shows in Newcastle, Germany and London; and in 2016 he independently set up a successful solo exhibition in London – ‘Asymmetric Yellow’.

Email contact@stolenspace.com to register your interest.