Dominican born Elio Murcado, best known as Evoca1, is a figurative painter, street artist, designer and activist who is motivated by the agenda to merge art and humanity into a single creation. The Miami-based artist brings vivid imagery to urban spaces, often referencing the experiences of his youth in the Dominican Republic. As a self-taught artist, Evoca1 brings a deep and distinctive sensibility to the walls he works on around the world.


His nickname of Evoca1 refers to the Spanish word evocar (meaning to evoke) and expresses his wish to mobilise the public emotional consciousness in order to raise awareness about the difficulties the impoverished people have to face on an everyday basis.

His photorealistic murals and paintings have a delicate quality and softness to them, tapping into his intention to represent the many complexities of human life and emotion. Yet there is also a boldness and strength in his work, especially witnessed in his impressive large scale murals, which boldly confront the viewer with there humanity.


Through his awe-inspiring urban artwork and regular roles in charity events, Evoca1 has positioned himself as one of the leading America’s emerging street artists. He currently lives and works out of South Florida where he continues to develop his craft and his research in the field of figurative painting.


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Yoon Hyup Exhibition, Brusk Exhibition, Past Exhibition, Exhibition, David Bray Exhibition, Evoca1 Exhibition, Kai & Sunny Exhibition, Miss Van Exhibition, OKER Exhibition
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Evoca1 Exhibition, Kai & Sunny Exhibition, Gary Stranger Exhibition, Past Exhibition, Exhibition, Dface Exhibition