Dream State

Group Exhibition


Exhibition Dates: 02.02.23 – 12.03.23



StolenSpace Gallery invites you into our ‘Dream State’, a group exhibition of artists exploring the realm of their imagination and dreams. This diverse show blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, open for questioning and curiosity.


Artists have long turned to dreams as a source of inspiration, a retreat from reason, and a space for exploring imagination, curiousness, and desire. A “dream state” is defined as: “the state of diminished consciousness in which the surroundings are perceived as if in a dream.”  Our artists explore the realm of their dreams through diverse mediums and meanings, encouraging the viewer to question what they perceive as reality or fantasy.

This exhibition succeeds in translating a ‘dream state’ through evocation, whether this is literal or abstract is for the interpretation of each individual artist, and their own perception of a dream. Dreams of the future, fantasy scenes, surrealist creatures, colour and textures all have their place in the “dream state”, this exhibition seeks to lift the veil and invite you into this realm.


Exhibiting work by Agnieszka Nienartowicz, Amandine Urruty, Camilla D’ Errico, Dorielle Caimi, Eloise Dörr, Florence Blanchard, Fragile, Hera, Isabella K Cancino, Jessica Brilli, Kathy Ager, Mando Marie, Meryl Donoghue, Miss Van, Mina Hamada, Sandra Chevrier, Sofia Enriquez, Swoon, Sylvia Ji, and Yumi Yamazaki.