Monument’s Value


Exhibition dates: 06.11.20 – 29.11.20



StolenSpace Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition, ‘Monument’s Value’, by French artist, Brusk. This show sees Brusk use his beautiful, signature ‘trickling’ style to comment on the current global climate, in a thought-provoking yet beautiful manner.


Brusk is a French artist born in Saint Priest, near Lyon. He created his initial graffiti work at the Lyon Part Dieu station, after first discovering street art during the 90’s. From this initial interest, Brusk attended the Fine arts school in Saint Etienne. After he graduated, he joined the famous European street art group: DMV (Da Mental Vaporz). Brusk’s work stands out, due to his instantly recognisable use of the ‘trickling’ technique.

Brusk’s work is multi-faceted, as he creates his artwork across varying mediums. His artistic style has continued to evolve throughout time; developing new technical expertise which are expressed through many different styles, such as figurative, abstract, realist and graphic work.


With Monument’s Value, Brusk once again takes the pencil to plant it in the wounds of modernity. His work is revealing of a humanity thrown into the post-truth, where facts and reality have become floating and uncertain. Brusk conjures images such as a bee cemetery, the melting of the Statue of Liberty, disintegrating emergency doctors, and a drifting of humanity at sea. However, beyond these dystopian compositions, Brusk also signs a form of commitment and reminds us that the fight is also documented and played on canvas.


To register interest for this show please email or telephone +44 (0)207 247 2684.