You Are Here

David Bray


Exhibition Dates: 02.02.23 – 12.03.23



StolenSpace Gallery is pleased to present ‘You Are Here’, a solo exhibition by the artist David Bray, that distorts perceptions of belonging between the real and imaginary.


As a child, Bray would draw images of space travel, depicting himself and his friends visiting other worlds and planets. This matured into his exploration of ambiguous, abstract landscapes, which question the notion of being present and atoned to where ‘you are’.


Bray started to explore his creation of landscape scenes more in-depth after his move out of London and into the countryside. His closer connection to nature as a result of this can be seen in his latest work, creating landscapes that are as wholly atmospheric as they are experimental.


‘You Are Here’ places the viewer into this naturistic but fantastical atmosphere of new surroundings, questioning whether they may be physical or imagined as the landscapes play with duality, blurring the boundaries between dimensions.