Boundless Boundaries Preview

Group Show

Exhibition dates: 06.06.20 – 28.06.2020



StolenSpace is pleased to present an exciting 4 artist show with Antonyo Marest, Erik Minter, Jay Jermyn and Moritz Green entitled ‘Boundless Boundaries’, an exploration into how classic motifs such as bright colours and bold geometrics lend themselves to an aesthetic future that is both playfully distorted and refined. Exhibiting designs that can be both structured or free-flowing from the concrete wall to the canvas and beyond.


At a time when we find ourselves unexpectedly constricted by boundaries both physical and mental, the innovative works presented in this exhibition act almost as mediators to our new social circumstances. Through the lenses of these four artists, we see boundaries both blurred and refocused, minimised and extended. Now, unified within the walls of StolenSpace Gallery, Green, Jermyn, Minter and Marest begin to shape a more colourful and altogether more liberal aesthetic outlook.


Artists participating:



Born and Raised in Alicante, Spain, Antonyo Marest’s architectural education is clearly perceived within his mellow coloured canvas’. By observing how natural abstractions caused by light or fluid play on the eyes and by magnifying these effects tenfold on the canvas, Marest creates entirely new perceptions of the everyday and accentuates them with his bold use of colour.


New Jersey-based, Erik Minter, has mastered the ability of blending the definite with the amorphous, the liquid with the solid. This surreal blend of opposing forms often leads to the creation of almost alien shapes, twisting and splattering across the canvas in a manner that is undeniably elegant and often psychedelic.



Multitalented, Australian artist, designer and musician, Jay Jermyn delves into the intersection of the digital and physical, creating visual manifestations of sonic compositions. His work is undefined by any recognisable shape or form, often evoking an almost scientific or at least experimental way of thinking and of viewing.



Moritz Green, better known as, Golden Green hails from Hamburg, Germany. His work often sets fluid forms against hard, clean edges, forcing them to react with one another often giving an almost illusionary undertone to his graphic style of a retro futuristic universe. Green is also notably a member of the European artist group, Ultraboyz.


To register interest for this show please email or telephone +44 (0)207 247 2684.