A painter and muralist, Stanton creates work ranging in size from tiny eye miniatures to large-scale murals ornamenting entire building facades. The work combines classical oil painting with intricate patterns inspired by ancient architecture, letterpress ornaments, and decayed infrastructure. In search for historical reference, Stanton begins his artistic process by exploring historic buildings and abandoned sites in the NYC area and beyond collecting photo references, Victorian ephemera, and antiquated machinery.

These artefacts often appear in Stanton’s paintings as visual cogs, in heavily ornamented machine-like compositions. The initial studies of these objects are then distilled into ornate compositions, using a variety of techniques including ink renderings, digital media, and screen printing. Finally, the pieces are fully rendered in delicate layers of oil paint, manipulating focus, light and perspective.
Stanton is originally from Southern California where he studied Illustration and Drawing and Painting, and is now based in New York.