Bad Reception

Will Barras

Oct. 29th – Nov. 14th 2013



I want to maintain the natural flow and energy, the tension between abstract and figurative, while developing and elaborating on a narrative. To generate a multiple choice of possibilities of what could be happening Ideas usually develop from the everyday mundane, broken phone converations and awkward situations … and the way we all, in some small way, do what Mr Benn does. And with this in mind its not just whats happening within the paintings…I imagined what kind of person would have made these paintings, who would have painted these pictures. I like the idea that they weren’t painted by me, but found buried underground, or discovered in a monestry, or they’ve been hanging in the quarters of a shipwreck….. (Will Barras)

Will Barras composition and fluid lines provide poignant detail in liquid abstraction. The subject matter is readily familiar, but captured in a manner that seems to jar time and space with psychedelic abstraction. It is his way of expressing the emotional movements of this labour. It is therapy and pleasure and necessity.