Alex Yanes


3rd June – 3rd July 2016



StolenSpace is proud to present ‘Way-Out’, the inaugural London solo show by American artist, Alex Yanes.

Whimsical and yet relatable, Alex Yanes’ art embodies innovative use of colour and imaginative subject matter and speaks to collectors and new art lovers, alike. His work is now a staple in Miami’s Wynwood art district, his hometown, and he is now showing his work internationally with his first UK solo show at StolenSpace Gallery. Along with bold 3D shapes, Alex uses vivid colours and intricate detail to create truly unique works. Influenced by his life in Miami, Alex takes references from his cultural surroundings and transforms them into his distinctive artwork.

‘I have a vivid memory of drawing a blueprint and building a three foot tall launch ramp for my friends and I to skate on during summer break in June of 1991, I was 13 years old. It was the first object I ever envisioned and brought from my brain to reality, not knowing that this thought process and formula would evolve into what my art is today. With this new body of work I am revisiting this experience 25 years later, tracing back to where my creative process began and a simple action that moulded my life. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in creating something out of nothing that I felt that day is what I chase in my work today.’

This new body of work sees Yanes develop his unique style with a more ‘weathered’ or ‘aged’ look as a homage to this cherished memory. To achieve this, Yanes has used distressed or reclaimed wood for all of the pieces, using the same tools used to build skate ramps, creating works derived from skateboard graphics and music from his teenage years.