D*Face In Seattle

D*Face In Seattle


Ahead of his new show ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, D*Face has been busy paying homage to the late Kurt Cobain with his new mural in Seattle.



The mural, titled ‘Kant Complain’, can be found at Capital Hill Seattle, a perfect place for tribute in Cobain’s home city.

The monochromatic style of ‘Kant Complain’ enhances the classic, contemporary subject of the piece, while also complimenting it’s surroundings.



Never one to rest, D*Face also completed another mural titled ‘Careless Whisper’, which is located on 1st Avenue and Lenore Seattle.



Situated on the north side of the Federal Army and Navy Surplus building, the mural honours the historical character of the building and the very wall it is painted on.



D*Face conserved the original sign that brands the top of the wall, incorporating it into the rest of the pastel design.

‘Careless Whisper’ adds a brilliant vibrancy to the Belltown neighbourhood, allowing both past and present to co-exist in a gorgeous, contemporary way.






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