Flight – Remi Rough

Flight – Remi Rough

Wembley Park unveiled ‘Flight’ on 11th June, an amazing new commission by street artist Remi Rough.

The London-based artist was chosen for his dynamic, colourful and abstract designs, to celebrate the commencement of Wembley Park’s Summer cultural programme, ‘Summer of Play’.



‘Flight’, was inspired by Wembley Park’s  flow of people, the design is initially viewed as distinct elements, framed by Wembley’s iconic arch.

The image then ultimately locks into place as the viewer stands directly in-front of the steps, seeing ‘Flight’ ascend dramatically towards the stadium.


Performers from Wembley Park’s first summer cultural programme, featuring over 300 hours of free events from June to September 2018.


“Wembley Park is an exciting place undergoing a huge transformation. You quickly get a sense of it being a very dynamic and creative place, and I wanted this work to reflect and enhance this. I wanted Flight to be a containment of movement so that people can enjoy the experience simply by being within the installation, but not feel the need to only look at it in its entirety. The installation is essentially there to move around, upon and within; even in its static state, it’s constantly moving. It seems a very appropriate way to begin a summer of activity at Wembley Park!” – Remi Rough (interview with Wembley Park).




The unveiling of Rough’s ‘Flight’ marked the beginning of Wembley Park’s first cultural season. Make sure you check out the amazing piece if you are in the area.


CLICK HERE to view three brand new pieces by Remi Rough at our upcoming Summer group show, ‘Wish You Here’.

Please email contact@stolenspace.com to register your interest.


Images from @remirough and Wembley Park