D*FACE – Turncoat

D*FACE – Turncoat

D*Face has created a stunning new mural ahead of his new solo show, ‘FORNEVER‘, at Gallerie Itinerrance in Paris.



The new wall piece is perfectly positioned opposite another one of D*Face’s impressive murals, ‘Love Won’t Tear Us Apart’, which recently sold out in under three minutes online at StolenSpace, when sold as a print edition.



The new mural, named ‘Turncoat’, can be seen on the corner of boulevard Vincent Auriol and rue Nationale. This position allows for a close dialogue between his two murals, from the view of the two lovers and then back to the close-up, defiant gaze of the woman in ‘Turncoat’.


The mural stands at an impressive 25 metres high, and 15 metres wide. This new portrait piece also marks a new palette choice of blue tones, with the striking colours packing even more of a visual punch.


Be sure to check out both murals if you’re in Paris!


Photos credit of spraying bricks: @sprayingbricks

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