Buff Monster In Bristol

Buff Monster In Bristol

Legendary New York Artist Buff Monster has recently completed an amazing wall titled: ‘Something Melty This Way Comes’.

This is the second biggest mural that Buff Monster has done, and you can visit it now on Church Road in Bristol.

The mural follows an adventurous narrative of his classic Stay Melty characters.

This same narrative is also displayed across a series of seven small canvases- available to see in Buff Monster’s solo show ‘Something Melty This Way Comes’ at the gallery.

Come along to the opening reception of ‘Something Melty This Way Comes’ at StolenSpaceThursday 3rd August, 6-9pm.



Buff Monster’s solo show at the gallery will be on from August 4th-20th 2017.

CLICK HERE for more information about the solo show, and for available works by Buff Monster.