Florence Blanchard-Interview

Florence Blanchard-Interview

StolenSpace Gallery is proud to present artist Florence Blanchard’s work in our current show, ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’.

Hey Florence- so when did you first start painting and what drew you towards more abstract work? 

I began painting graffiti as a teenager in the early 90’s. It has been a long road since then and my work has evolved in new directions. Abstraction has allowed for a more personal take on the same creative energy that has been fuelling my practice since the beginning, the shapes now have a similar role to what the letters used to, providing a frame for experimentation with colour and composition. 

Some of your pieces have a molecular style. Does your science background influence your work?

During my studies as a scientist I have thoroughly observed nature through powerful microscopic lenses and this experience has permanently affected my perception of the world. The shapes I paint represent imagined molecular landscapes where particles float around fluidly and the viewer is given a microscope to observe the world from a different angle.


We love your use of both bight and muted tones in your work, what inspires your use of colour?
 I am interested in how colours behave when grouped together and generally focus on the contrast and sense of depth in order to judge a good combination. Ultimately, I can work with any colours but they need to achieve this purpose. For the same reason, I love the juxtaposition of rounded and angular shapes.

What would you say is the most important thing you want your work to convey to people?

My paintings aim to magnify what the human eye can’t see. By offering a window into this imaginary molecular world, I intend to question our idea of visual perception, underpinned by a knowledge that all matter is made of particles, whether animal, human or mineral. Currently, I enjoy painting large-scale murals and canvases as well as very small, more detailed works on paper – there is something about the idea of shifting scales to change perspectives that really seduces me.

What other projects are you working on now and for the future?

I just finished a long stretch of projects and am happy to take a break from travelling to concentrate on organising my screen printing studio in Sheffield for the next few weeks.


Come and see Florence’s work at the StolenSpace summer group show ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’, on show from July  7th – August 6th 2017.


CLICK HERE to see available works from Florence and other artists showing at ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’.



Interview questions by Mollie Beese.