In Studio With Jeremy Brown

In Studio With Jeremy Brown


Hey Jeremy- we’re really excited to have you exhibiting your work for the first time at StolenSpace, for our summer group show ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’

So- what first inspired you to use resin in many of your canvas works- and how valuable is this material in creating the layers of your work? 

I was first inspired to use epoxy resin after seeing some resined pieces in a show in Atlanta by artist Adam Wellborn. I was drawn to the glass-life finish it gave the works and saw the potential for deeper applications. 

How would you describe the process of creating your resin canvas pieces? Is it more organic and spontaneous- or is there also an element of control?

For the most part it is very organic. Sometimes I will start with a theme in mind, and then just let the eye take over. Music plays an important role in the process, inspiring movement, thought and spontaneity. Just enjoying the moment and creative process. 

Where does your inspiration come from for the text elements on some of your canvases? i.e: “forever abstract” written on the ‘Outcast’ canvas featured in the show. 

Most of the time the text comes from thoughts and feelings at the given time while in the studio, and a lot of the time they are inspired by what I am listening to in the studio. The three pieces in the current show were all inspired by the hip-hop group Outkast. I put all of their albums on an iPod and that was all I listened to while working on these pieces. “forever abstract” was based on the idea of always staying true to who you are and not conforming to what society expects or pushes you to be, a theme that is found in a lot of Outkast’s tracks. 

What inspires your use of colour? You create a beautiful contrast between earth tones and neon colours.

I’m definitely a fan of bright colours, but just as equally a fan of contrast and abstract pairings. I want to create colour combinations that on paper make no sense, but in person seem to pull it off. 

So what first inspired you to create abstract works? 

Growing up, I was definitely inspired by artists Rothko & Basquiat. I was drawn to their aesthetic, colours and structure, as well as the idea of a painting does not have to be definable. Something that simply captures attention, captivates the eye and inspires thought. 

What other projects are you working on now and for the future?

I’m currently working on a body of work that does not incorporate resin, just raw canvas, but still has depth through the use of painted shadows, something that the layers resin provides. 

What would you say is the most important thing that you want you work to convey to people? 

I just want my work to captivate attention, inspire thought and to provide a little extra positivity to the world.

Come and catch the captivating work of Jeremy Brown on show at StolenSpace now.

CLICK HERE to view works available in ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’.



Interview questions by Mollie Beese.