MURAL Festival – Montréal 2017

MURAL Festival – Montréal 2017

MURALfestival – Public art festival

June 8 to 18th 2017


Founded in 2012, this is Mural Festival’s 5th edition celebrating street artists, muralists, musicians, creators, and art enthusiasts in urban culture.

Mural loves and promotes artists from the Spanish scene, understandable as it is a rich source in constant evolution. StolenSpace Gallery is proud to have one of our talented artists- Felipe Pantone, involved once again with Mural Festival.


Pantone uses bright colours, sharp edges and bold shapes, to achieve a mesmerising graphic style that is at the forefront of street art. He is influenced by the constant development of technology, combining the digital age with a synth pop aesthetic.




Mural Festival has continued to grow into a unique celebration of urban art, so don’t miss your chance to see over 80 murals and installations on show.

CLICK HERE to view available works from Felipe Pantone’s solo show at StolenSpace ‘Data Somersault’


Images from and Felipe Pantone’s instgram