TLP:Opening Reception Video

TLP:Opening Reception Video

Our friend Chinny Bond has made a film of the opening night for The London Police’s current exhibition ‘ALL AT SEA’

In this new series of work, we see the boys’ black and white ‘LADS’ set against a fruit salad backdrop of colour. ‘ALL AT SEA’ sees the introduction of some new characters, as well as the return of their usual suspects, and a few special appearances from musical icons such as Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and John Lennon.

Focusing on aquatic themes, The London Police take their ‘LADS’ into an underwater world, into the oceans and beyond. Having travelled the world painting murals and galleries alike, we see The London Police continue with their collaborative technique, we see one artist’s skill at drawing a circle ‘freehand’ is staggering, no compasses, guides or masks are used, while the other creates incredible, detailed architectural drawings and beautiful characters to swim alongside the ‘LADS’.

Click here to view the works in the show

Check out Chinny’s awesome video below: