In conversation with Pixel Pancho

In conversation with Pixel Pancho

StolenSpace Gallery proudly presents ‘Memory Of Our Life‘ a solo exhibition from Italian artist Pixel Pancho. This new body of work focuses on the circle of life and the different moments portrayed as we grow, learn and make mistakes, Pancho shows this parallelism within his whimsical characters. His work mirrors the same feelings and emotions we experience to conjure up reactions within the viewer.pixel_painting1SS: Your name sounds really evocative, hinting at technology and recalling at the same time something from the past. Can you tell us why and how you chose it?

PP: The name was chosen a long time ago by myself and a close friend. We were in this project together but when he left he gave the name to me, so from then I’ve been calling myself Pixel Pancho.


SS: How did you start painting? And why do you like painting in the street?

PP: I first started to paint graffiti in the middle of the countryside, where I was living in Torino. I was painting trains and the old tool houses of the farmers.


SS: Can you tell us more about your main influences?

PP: My influences come from my curiosity, life experiences, failures, beliefs and more. I love the work of Isaac Asimov, Joaquín Sorolla, and Jenny Saville to name a few.

pixel_painting5SS: Robots are the main characters of your artwork. Why are you so attracted to them? Have they been your favourite subject since the beginning of you artistic career?

PP: I  chose the robot because the human body has been drawn by many artists already, so I decided to use a parallel subject that could get the same feelings and movement as us.


SS: You always mention the ‘humanisation of the robotic form’. Can’t we talk of the robotisation of the human being instead?

PP: I guess as I explained earlier, this is a parallel between human and machine. In our culture (not myself but general culture) we believe that God created us and we destroyed God after, then Human created Robot. So should we expect to be destroyed by robots? I leave this answer for the viewer..

pixel_painting3 SS: Can you tell us more about the process of creation of your work, your technique, style and progression?

PP: I try to have as many possibilities with my materials; the more possibilities and techniques, the more my ideas are translated for the viewer.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 16.50.10

SS: You collaborated with various artists, such as Vhils in Lisbon. Can you tell us more about this experience? Do you prefer to work on your own or collaborate with other artists?

PP: I love work on my own but sometimes I love to collaborate with a good friend when the opportunity arises, usually this has happened naturally and I love it!


SS: How do you choose the spots where you paint in the street?

PP: It depends as sometimes I’m offered a spot and sometimes I need to search for a location according to my idea.

Pixel Pancho @juliiea 35

SS: How do you relate to and perceive the city? You painted in London. What feeling did you get from the city?

PP: The city is a cancer where people have forgotten about real life, for instance how to get food, I can’t stay too long living in a city. People living in the city become superficial and get too involved in the system, they lose the real nature and a lot of feelings. The city makes human become a parasite..


SS: Can you tell us more about your ‘Memory Of Our Life’ installation at StolenSpace Gallery?

PP: This is a project that I have had for some years. The body of work is about family relationships, life experiences and decisions we make during our life. We make decisions for our life, or does the system indicates to us which decision and route we should take? ‘Memory Of Our Life’ is based on this concept and developing these questions..