Paul Stephenson: Laundromat (Reflection Painting)

Paul Stephenson: Laundromat (Reflection Painting)

Paul Stephenson’s ‘Laundromat (Reflection Painting)’, part of the StolenSpace ‘Spectrum’ Group Show, has been featured in Esquire magazine:



“The idea behind this series of paintings is to explore the dynamic between the original oil painting (the ‘art’) and the reflection (the place where it is viewed/hung) and the story that these two variables create. The reflection painting you currently have is the first of this series, the reflection is the interior of a Laundromat in Chinatown, New York City 2014. In the reflection you can see the owner of the Laundromat and his wife at work below the fluorescent lights of their Laundromat. This scene is superimposed onto the oil painting, a French landscape painted in 1843 showing nuns collecting sheaves of wheat from the fields as the sun fades. The two images contrast interior and exterior, contemporary and pre-industrial, but they also share similarities, the subjects of both images are people and both are scenes of workplaces. The narratives of both original oil painting and reflection run together to create a new story. The viewer of this painting sees the painted reflection and is made aware of their own reflection, their own experience as a viewer, they become part of the picture and part of the story.”

– Paul Stephenson

Some of Paul Stephenson’s work can be seen and bought from the StolenSpace online store here.

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