Shepard Fairey: Paz Y Libertad @ CAC Malaga by Spraying Bricks

Shepard Fairey: Paz Y Libertad @ CAC Malaga by Spraying Bricks



In 1987 Andre Rene Roussimoff aka Andre The Giant drew the biggest WWF crowd at the the Pontiac Silver Dome. Two years later American street artist, Shephard Fairey, would create one of the most globally recognised images of our time, based on the legendary wrestler…’Andre The Giant Has A Posse’. This developed into the OBEY campaign, which is a cause to reaction and encouraging people to question their surroundings.


From stickers, posters and murals in the street, to installations, gallery and museum pieces, Shepard’s can be seen all over the world. The subject of this particular piece painted in Malaga is of Shep’s wife, Amanda. The mural took three days to complete with the original notion of painting ‘PEACE AND JUSTICE’, however, due to a Spanish right wing neo-fascist political party who had highjacked phrase, was changed to PAZ Y LIBERTAD (translation – Peace and Freedom)


Towards the end of 2013, Centro De Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) and Maus hosted an array of international artists from around the globe to part-take in the regeneration and establishment of the Soho Arts Quarter, PAZ Y LIBERTAD Málaga mural by Shepard Fairey is located at the rear of the CAC Málaga Museum. This is the second in the series from CAC Malaga