CYRCLE: OVERTHRONE! Pooring Reign by Spraying Bricks

CYRCLE: OVERTHRONE! Pooring Reign by Spraying Bricks



CYRCLE take oppressive imagery to create hope and inspiration. Revealing complex ideologies in their simple forms, CYRCLE are combining the aesthetic of classic romanticism with alchemical symbolism. They strive to highlighting dark areas of society and playfully exposing those grey areas of life.

Back in February this year we had the privilege of meeting two crazy Cali dudes…Rabi and Davey, aka Doug and Doug from art collective CYRCLE. Having just come fresh from PowWow Hawaii it was no surprise that the British weather was a shock to the system. This particular piece was painted over the course of 5 days and nights to mark the launch of their debut London solo show ‘OVERTHRONE! Pooring Reign‘ at StolenSpace Gallery early on in the year. The image depicts the statue ‘Rape of Polyxena’ by Pio Fedi.