Word To Mother: Charity Raffle

Word To Mother: Charity Raffle

“You have to work hard to live in this town and make art for a living, none the less it is a privilege to do so. With that in mind I wanted to do something that would give back to the artistic community in East London. I have chosen to raffle off an original framed drawing, with all proceeds going to Eastside Educational Trust.

The concept of the show is to appreciate what we have. I wanted to give people the opportunity to own an original piece of artwork for an affordable price whilst also putting something back into the creative community and area that has inspired this body of work.”

Referencing old fairground tokens, Hand drawn and screen printed by WTM, the tickets are incredibly beautiful objects in themselves. There will be 100 tickets available in total, at the gallery and online.

Tickets are £10 and 100% of proceeds go to charity.

Raffle will be drawn at the end of the show.