Miss Van: ‘Glamorous Darkness’

Miss Van: ‘Glamorous Darkness’

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Miss Van

A short video showing Miss Van working on paintings for her show ‘Glamorous Darkness’ opening on Friday at StolenSpace.

A new body of beautiful and exquisite canvases, Miss Van lets us have a glimpse into her studio and the process of creating her breathtaking work for this show.

Maintaining the signature aesthetic of her ‘poupées’, yet evoking a darker poetic mood. Magical and dreamy, her muses pose in an ambient nature, singing or interacting with each other. Emerging from their loosely painted backgrounds like visions or dreams.


Opening Reception: Thursday, May 8th from 6-9 pm

Open to the public: Friday, May 9th – Sunday, June 1st 2014

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00

Please email any enquiries for work available: eve@stolenspace.com