CYRCLE. ‘Turn That Crown Upside Down’ Limited Edition Print Release

CYRCLE. ‘Turn That Crown Upside Down’ Limited Edition Print Release

Not sure how to start this but here it goes…

My sister was my second mom when my real momma was busy working 7 days a week making money to support her 3 kids with child support from my loving father. But this story is not about them. It’s about my sister Alisa… She would take my brother and I to school, and make sure we were where we were supposed to be. She was tough. Because of our 10 year age difference I never really knew her until I became an adult. I came to learn that she banged with the Seattle bloods… Which explains why she had a .22 under the seat of her car that I noticed when I would be driven to school. And why our house got shoot at in the middle of the night. Everybody has a past… Good and bad, wrong and right. It is what we do with our experiences that makes us who we are today. Despite her past she was a strong and caring woman. She eventually went on to become a social worker and merged with the Boys & Girls Club of America to open several satellite clubs at multiple housing projects in king county Seattle/Bellevue. She wrote grants and received money to help kids with working families and/or troubled homes. I grew up in the Boys & Girls club and wouldn’t be who I am without it. I am grateful to have such an inspiring sister I can look up to… Sadly my sister fell ill about 10 years ago. She was misdiagnosed for years with a slew of possible disorders. Finally the truth behind her crippling condition was recently discovered… She suffers from a rare syndrome known as Ehlers-Danlos. In short it is a genetic disease that attacks the collagen and connective tissue. For more info google: Ehlers Danlos national foundation…

All of my family has pitched in to help her by any means possible. Finally I have a chance to contribute financially… With your help. We CYRCLE., are showcasing our latest body of work OVERTHRONE! POORING REIGN! at Stolen Space Gallery, London. The show opens March 6th and we will be releasing a limited edition print of 100 titled “turn that crown upside down”. All proceeds from the sale of the prints will go directly to my sister to help pay for doctors and specialist visits. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for supporting this cause.



Sincerely and with love,
Davey and the DOUGS

To purchase the print please contact Stolen Space Gallery @

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