BOOMKA BOOMKA: A solo show by Mysterious Al

BOOMKA BOOMKA: A solo show by Mysterious Al

Mysterious Al’s first Australian solo exhibition is the product of a six-month period of living and working with a secret ancient tribe in Melbourne.

This nameless, faceless group has co-existed alongside the city’s residents for centuries. Their ancient rituals and practices untouched since their beginning. Drawing influence from the Tribe’s traditional practices as well as the city’s sway of Graffiti, advertising and urban culture, Boom-ka, Boomka derives from the subconscious, hypnotic rhythm of Drum & Bass music, ancient traditional art, consumer culture, found objects and Witch-Doctor ceremonies.

Jan 17-26, 248 Glenferrie Road, Malvern VIC 3144

Opening night Jan 17th 6-9pm

instagram / twitter @mysteriousal