CYRCLE- Sometimes you’re a Cowboy, Sometimes you’re an Indian

CYRCLE- Sometimes you’re a Cowboy, Sometimes you’re an Indian

*photo by Aleks Kocev

Do you see what i see? ……….Yup, its a couple of idiots :))
Aside from being dumb we’ve actually managed to do a few cool things lately. Rabī is still alive. He survived painting the climbing wall. Yay! And Davey returned from his honeymoon in good form, looking like a Jewish baked potato. Read on my droogies…


Hot off the presses! We are releasing two new prints TODAY through Poster Child Prints. We’re really happy with how they turned out… you can find out more about getting them here.

Sometimes you’re a Cowboy!

Sometimes you’re an Indian!

Sometimes you’re Both!

Revolt gets OVERTHONE!

Before heading to Hong Kong last month we did an installation for P Diddy’s new culture channel, Revolt. If you watch real television you’ll be able to see the piece on the Revolt channel by early 2014, but in the meantime you can check out a short video that Revolt put together on the installation here.


Hong Kong was amazing. First, a huuuuge thanks to Above Second for supporting us out there, and helping to make the show and the trip all possible. “Capture the Flag: Home Is Where Your Heart Is” was a major success. Check out more from the show on our blog. Also, we need to thank Kevin, Eugene, Arthur, Silas and the rest of the Hypebeast crew for hooking it up while were were out there. They just moved into a new HQ and we got the opportunity to design something unique for their space. You can seem more photos here. And we’ll never forget the massive Youth Outreach wall. Thank you so much to all of the counselors and kids for the support. They did a great job ensuring we didn’t die during the process. We’ve posted more of this crazy adventure on our website.

Off to Detroit… Updates on Instagram!

PEACE! The Dougs