D*Face ‘Guilty Pleasures’ mural

D*Face ‘Guilty Pleasures’ mural

Spraying Bricks joined D*Face earlier this year to recreate the Guilty Pleasures piece from his critically acclaimed ‘New World Disorder’ show. The mural was painted over 5 days through the gruelling British summer time.

D*Face is one of the most prolific street artists of our time. Working with a range of mediums and techniques. Best known for circulating hundreds of provocative defaced ten and twenty pound notes of the Queen, D’s humorous and nihilistic brings together the sense of a anti-establishment generation. Aiming to satirise and hold to ransom all that falls into their grasp a welcome jolt of subversion in today’s media-saturated environment he uses a family of dysfunctional characters.

Last week was the official release of the long-awaited book ‘On Man And His Dog’. The book showcases the development of the artist’s career to date and includes his continuing street and studio work. Containing previously unseen images as well as first-hand anecdotes, the book provides an insight to one of Britain’s most influential artists.