In Conversation with Haroshi: Skateboards

In Conversation with Haroshi: Skateboards

It’s the final day to come and see Haroshi’s ‘Pain’ solo exhibition, this is definitely not one to be missed! Today Haroshi’s discusses his use of skateboards within his creations…

StolenSpace: Please tell us a bit about your process of creating the show ‘Pain’.  How many skateboards were used? Where did you find all of them?

Haroshi: When Beth first e-mailed me, honestly, I felt a little insecure.  I wasn’t sure how the London audience would react to my works.  That’s when Usugrow invited me to have sushi with D*face who was visiting Japan for a project, and he told me that he wanted to see my works exhibited in London.  Honestly, I felt that if he says so, I have to do it. Because D*face’s works were cool and I respected him.

The skateboards come from all over but I think I used quite a number of them.  Maybe a few hundred.  Most of them were collected in Japan but some are from Mexico, USA, and this time, from London, too.  It’s not a huge quantity but I was glad that I got to use some from London to make the wings of the vulture. Because the vulture is myself, waiting for the skateboard decks to die.

I was really glad to have this exhibit in London this time.  I’m really grateful to the crew at Stolenspace gallery, everyone who came to see the show, people who helped to collect skateboards at the skate shops, and to D*face who gave me this great opportunity.  Thank you.

‘Pain’ is open until 3rd November at StolenSpace Gallery.