CYRCLE – Back to Hong Kong, WOODKID collaboration and more on Lisbon!

CYRCLE – Back to Hong Kong, WOODKID collaboration and more on Lisbon!

Whats up Doug’s? Looks like the Cyrcle boys are growing up, well some of us anyway. Davey Doug just got Married and is on some island somewhere probably drinking out of a coconut with an umbrella, saying things like “I love you” and blah moosh blah, lol.  Rabī Doug is headed to Hong Kong to Paint a mural 100ft high on a rock climbing wall. No lifts no scaffold, just a harness.  We’ll keep you posted.  We all meet back up in HK for a solo show with Above second (below) so if you’re going to be in that region then come say hi.  And now here’s a few of the latest beans from our basket….

RUN BOY! WOODKID Collaboration in LA

After traveling for most of the last year we were excited to come back home to LA and do something big. We created the piece using WOODKIDs music and aesthetic as inspiration- the woodblock imagery  is integrated with text to tell the story of RUN BOY. We’ve included a few photos below, but you can see a lot more pictures, as well as quotes about the collaboration from WOODKID and us on our blog.

Capture the Flag: Home is where your heart is!

On October 24th we open our next solo show CAPTURE THE FLAG: HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong. CAPTURE THE FLAG! Is an ongoing series we unveiled in May, 2013. The first body of work introducing this vision was titled CAPTURE THE FLAG: THE DOMESTICATION OF ALL THINGS! and opened in Hong Kong at the Work In Progress show. The second installment was a solo show in Lisbon, Portugal that opened in July 2013, titled CAPTURE THE FLAG: CONQUER THE DIVIDE! CAPTURE THE FLAG: HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS will be the final installment in this series of works.

In CAPTURE THE FLAG: HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS we are dissecting the timeless struggle of nations. In this case we are looking at America through the mythology of the Cowboy and the Indian, a great duality within American history. The work embodies themes of liberation and inspiration. America itself is a work in progress. Our work is a reflection of the way we are pushing for a new world, and a society that thrives and feeds off of creativity and forward thinking. Progression through evolution. More specifically, we are redefining the concept of America and what it is to be an American. There is no “I” in the America we know- we spell it AMERYCA, suggesting cooperation over competition. CAPTURE THE FLAG: HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS expresses the idea that life is not about where you’re home was, but where your heart is. Our vision is to capture moments in history, with the hope that we can shed light on the future. Capture the flag is an opportunity for us to question our place in the world. Capturing the flag is freedom.

More from Lisbon!

We’ve already shared the video we put together documenting the second half of our trip in Azores, and now Underdogs has just released a short travel diary of our time in Lisbon. We hope you like it. There is more info about the video, and our trip on our blog. Also, if you’d still like to get the exclusive print from the CAPTURE THE FLAG: CONQUER THE DIVIDE! show there are still a few left.