D*Face Print Release:

D*Face Print Release:

Time and date of release : Saturday 15th at 11 am at Moniker Art Fair

‘Going Nowhere Fast’ By D*Face
10 colour hand pulled on 400gsm archival paper
55 cm x 100 cm
Price: £275
Edition: 150

100 available at Moniker Art Fair on Saturday 15th @ 11 am.

49 available online ( here: https://www.stolenspace.uk/section.php?xSec=23) at an undisclosed random time/day to avoid congestion. (If we could please ask you very kindly not to call or email the gallery to ask when)

#1 of the edition will not be for sale and there are no artist proofs available.

1 print per person only.

Moniker Art Fair:
14th – 16th Oct
Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane
Stand #5
Opening times 11am – 7pm

D*Face’s Mural at Moniker: