‘Joyride’ Bicycle-Inspired Group Exhibition:

‘Joyride’ Bicycle-Inspired Group Exhibition:

October 13-17, 2010
4 Wilkes Street, London E1 6QF

Opening 7 – 10pm October 13 • Operating hours 12 – 6pm Oct 14 -17

Bicycle Film Festival is proud to announce itʼs London opening of the 2010 Joyride Art Show, its annual bicycle-inspired group exhibition that brings together the diverse talents of internationally established and emerging UK artists over a shared passion for the bicycle.

The BFF has been creating connections between art and the bikes since 2000. Joyride has been an evolution of this initial idea to showcase bikes and art together. The first official Joyride show, in 2005, was born from the urgency to create a visual manifestation of one of the most powerful and culturally relevant movements of this decade: the urban bike movement.

Joyride travels the world every year from its premiere in New York, including stops in LA, Paris, London and Milan. In each city, the show picks up artists from the art and bike communities, capturing the locationʼs unique energy.

This yearʼs edition features photographs from Spike Jonze, presenting BMX photos from the era of “The Birth of Big Air” (screening at the BFF Friday Oct 15, 7:30pm); Edwin De la Rosa, one of the best BMX street-riders in the world, developed his first photos ever for Joyride depicting the sweaty street spirit from years as a rider who is always doing something worth watching. The London show also specially features some UK Talent such as Ben Wilson, D*Face, and Word To Mother.
Full list of featured Artists (in alphabetical order): Adi Gilbert , Agathe Snow, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Ben Broomfield , Ben Wilson , Benedict Radcliffe , Brendan Bock , Brian Barnhart , Chad Moore , Christian Thormann , Conrad Johnson , Camille McMillan , D*face , DefGrip/Cult/Oakley , Dustin Klein , Edwin De La Rosa, Eley Kishimoto , George Marshall , Greg Falski , Harrison Boyce & Andrew McMullen , ILoveDust ,Jonathan Winstone ,Jacob Knill , James Alexander Burbridge, Jessica Findley , Joe McGorty ,Julia Chiang, Mark Skulls ,Massan/Pez, Ronzo,  Sewwat , Spike Jonze , Takuya Sakamoto, Tim Barber ,Word To Mother.

The London Joyride exhibition is proudly presented by Oakley Ltd.

For more information about the London Joyride exhibition or about the Bicycle Film Festival, please contact laura@bicyclefilmfestival.com