Word To Mother Interview By Coates and Scary (photos: Viktor Vauthier)

Word To Mother Interview By Coates and Scary (photos: Viktor Vauthier)

Why did you move to London?

In search of bigger and better things that a small town couldn’t offer.

‘Word to Mother’, why?

It just sort of happened. When I stopped writing graffiti I started studying illustration…When I graduated I started to produce fine art. I was aware that what I was doing was nothing to do with graffiti anymore but still liked the anonymity behinda pseudonym. I’d written Word to Mother next to a load of my graff pieces and it just kind of stuck.

Did you study art at college?

I studied illustration and animation.

Tell about your upcoming show?

The show is called “Blind By Stardom” and the work is largely questioning societies obsession with vacuous celebrity status. As I mentioned in a previous interview, the show is a comment on the superficiality of society and how fame and celebrity status is the main objective of today’s youth. With the works in the show, I am encouraging the viewer to look past what is seen on the surface and look beneath what is initially apparent.

This is your first show for a couple of years, where have you been?

After doing two solo shows last year, both here and in SF, I really felt like I needed some time to drink in some new ideas. It’s nice to be offered shows regularly but I think it’s irrelevant if you are just repeating yourself all the time. I wanted to take some time out and work on a show that had some succinct ideas and a definite theme.

What was your first piece of street art?

I don’t do street art.

Name a few of your favourite street artists?

Barry McGee, Vhils, Mark Jenkins

Tell us about your creative process, mediums, panels etc?

I try and draw continuously and at the same time keep an eye out for nice looking bits and pieces on my daily travels. I hoard things for years and eventually they will get incorporated into a piece somehow.
When I have a few drawings along the same sort of themes I will start to select which images I want to paint and what I want to paint them on. Everything is constructed in the studio, I never by pre-made stretchers or anything like that.
I then go into a hermit phase in the studio and get my paint on. After a while a few pieces will emerge that I think are worth showing to people.

What are your main influences?

90’s hip hop, Decay, Nature, Architecture, My friends…the list is endless

Tell us about your life outside of the art scene?

I used to love smoking weed. More than most people. Since I let Mary Jane go earlier this year I’m not sure what I do…I seem to have loads more time. I like to draw, see my family, hang out with my girl, eat good food and drink beer.

Did we see you in a commercial on TV not so long ago?

That wasn’t me. That was D*Face.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be?


Three loathes?

Reality TV
Lenny Kravitz

Three loves?


Hopes for the future?

To continue doing what I’m doing and maybe earn enough loot to buy a house by the beach one day.