LONDON | Champfest Touring Exhibition

LONDON | Champfest Touring Exhibition

Opening tonight from 6pm at the Wayward Gallery:

The first Champ installation at Bright in Berlin was a blast! Now, Joanna + Monique invite you to the second city of the Champ Touring Exhibition, in London at the newly established Wayward Gallery.


Wednesday 14th July, Champfest Magazine are bringing an international like-minded passion of art, design, sport and photography + their respective communities in the form of an exhibition in three major cities throughout the month.
Each exhibition showcases an array of photographs, artwork and printed matter from Issue 001 and 002 artists, including a symposium of hard-to-find international publishings and magazines.

All work will be available for purchase throughout each exhibition, the perfect time to snap up an original piece through a unique Champfest touring event.

Ala Champfest Touring Exhibition.
Supported by 14BikeCo, Stussy, Cadence and Kopperberg Cider.
Be passionate, create originality.
Don’t sleep!