New work from Chloe Early for the group show at the Josua Liner gallery in New York.
Brink, Oil on linen, 39 x 55 in.

Chloe Early’s current works are oil paintings on linen and aluminum. Large scale painterly montages, she works with an abstracted urban landscape background placing interchangeable motifs: divers, balloons, stars, herds of animals, always hinting at the opposing themes of apocalypse and redemption. Urban scenes form the backbone of the paintings which aim to transgress states of dream and reality bringing together an improbable selection of images; the lushness of a garden of Eden is contrasted with the grit of a post industrial building boom. These landscapes are populated with figures which have an air of oblivion, they are lost in a dream of perfection and oblivious to their surroundings. Despite the urban subjects the paintings always retain a dream like quality, a soft focus.
Look out for Chloe Early’s solo show with us in November this year.